1. Number of Bulb: 48 2. Material: PVC 3. Input Voltage: 12DC V 4. Dimensions: (22.04 x 0.59 x0.2)" / (56 x 1.5 x 0.5) cm (L x W x H) 5. Color: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Aqua, Yellow and White 6. Weight: 7.62oz / 216g
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1 x colorful 48 LED Scanner Flashing Strip
1 x Wireless Remote Controller

Wireless remote control
1. Press the D key is the power switch
2. You can press the B key to loop select different model, cyclic change 130 models
3. You can press the A key to cyclic change in a variety of colors
4. You can press the C key to decelerate or accelerate to change the pattern effect

The power ranger lamp installed in the car fixed up in the net position.

12V battery (+) connected to red, black to 12V battery (–)

The yellow wire connected braking

The green wires then turn left and right.

1. High brightness, strong adhesive strength, quick drying speed and not easy to crack
2. It uses 12V safe voltage which is characterized as low energy consumption, low heat, and long –life span
3. Greatly save the power consumption by using the bright LED
4. Completely pre-wired and fast assembled for easy to install
5. This Car LED Strip will bring you a whole new concept of car decoration
6. It is a professional lighting, and can be used as architectural lighting, signal light, concealed lighting and so on
7. It features small size and low voltage, will prove itself valuable for a wide range of applications
8. This is a waterproof and flexible LED lamp
9. The car LED light strip is slim and flexible which can be bend into different shapes to fit any place without damage
10. You can fix the tube-light on the underbody of car or any other place you want
11. Easy to install; Connect the positive and negative wires to any power outlet Universal Fit on any Cars, Pickups, Trucks, SUVs, Trailers, RVs, Motorcycles or even Garden, Home Interior Decoration and Disco Party the red wire is positive, the black wire is negative, yellow wire is Brake light, two green wire are signal light.